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We measure chemistry & influence. It's not just who you know; it's who knows you. Cyphtr scales your most prized relationships into a visual network of authenticity. Are you an influencer? Entrepreneur? Consultant? Leverage your contacts and influence to advance your career, company, or campaign.

Entrepreneurs: Business cards, LinkedIn connections, social media followers, likes... How can we properly keep track of who we've met, where we met them, how well we hit it off, how quickly our relationship is growing, who they know that you wish you knew, and be able to leverage that relationship to those future desired connections? With a few clicks, Cyphtr can do much more than a resume ever could. By showcasing people's network worth, we can see the difference in a fresh college graduate going to conventions, MeetUps, and other networking events to learn, grow, and fine tune their business and an individual that has a decent resume but lacks the willpower and likability to continue to thrive in their work environment. Use your network as proof of your references to get a job, land a client, get a raise, or to help carve out a potential path for your next career move. Cyphtr also is partnering with personality companies to assist in better representing your mastery and competence. These tools are the seeds to future grow and mark the impressions made along the way. Interested? Sign up below to signify our growing demand!


Event Creators: Eventually every marketing strategy supersaturates a market space, whether by you or your competitors. Find new markets by leveraging the ones your event created bridges between. With so many business and social platforms out there, most conventions build their own apps to connect their members and attendees. Cyphtr offers an alternative.  We have measured people's chemistry through their preferred platforms into one space with an image and geo tracker. Know where connections are being made, how strong those relationships are, how fast they grew, what industries they're in, what other events are of interest to them, what personality types they have, and how influential certain individuals are or have the potential to be. Demographics can put you in a box. Likability and influence aren't defined skin color, sex, or religion. Create a dynamic space filled with people that not only want to pay to be at your event, but will help you market and grow the next one without even asking them to. Please be sure to sign up below if you want to know exactly how Cyphtr can help you grow, decode, and exhibit your next event's potential.


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