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The problem: Today there is an app for everything. You design your virtual business card and sign up for the monthly subscription, but no one wants to download the app. Or maybe you have a really fancy one that imports directly into someone’s CRM only for it to get shoveled into the rest of the batch making follow up or leads just as annoying as regular business cards that you’re always running out of anyway. Although the biggest problem with virtual business cards (and regular ones) is that it is just a card version of your information. It’s a teaser that requires the holder to figure out which of the several social media platforms you are actually on and regularly. Sure we’ve all gotten great at cyber stalking people, but no one has time for that. Cyphtr is a virtual profile. You can add all of your links whether they be online portfolios, social media profiles, references and their social media profiles, testimonials, reviews, blogs, and anything that will help organically grow your SEO, follower count, or page views.


How does it work and solve all my networking problems? You meet someone and exchange business cards. You pull out a pen to remind yourself to email them about X,Y, and Z. Both parties hope that the card doesn’t get lost, and that the follow up actually happens.

Cyphtr sifts through all the networking noise with two clicks. There’s no app to download, no card to run out of, and no credit card information needed.

You enter in anything and everything important about your business and we give you a QR code to share that information with.

Someone scans your code and opens the link to an email prompt where they can email themselves (along with a note if necessary) your information with you CCed on to make follow up as easy as checking your inbox.

Monitor where your and other scans are happening, create lists for your CRM, and never worry about a lost business card ever again.


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