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Measure influence & find your people. It's not just who you know; it's who knows you. Cyphtr scales your most prized relationships into a visual network of authenticity. Are you an influencer? Entrepreneur? Consultant? Leverage your contacts and influence to advance your career, company, or campaign.

Entrepreneurs: How do you showcase your most prized network connections or vet others in the abyss of social media? Cyphtr’s patent pending algorithms measure chemistry, likability, and trust from cherry-picked social connections to aid in leveraging relationships with application program interfacing and simultaneously creating a hub of preferred social platform contacts and handles. Cyphtr tracks relationships in real time: Networking mode notifies others of your location and availability if nearby and your temporary preferred mode of contact. Afterwards, those relationships are recalibrated. Individuals' networks are scaled, measured, and vetted into a literal “network tree” to represent reputation. Each leaf is colored, sized, and located to demonstrate the amount of influence each has on the other and their perspective industries and are tagged with linked social handles and official hashtags from events or businesses responsible for relationship growth.
Discover what event, business, or individual is of value, or if mutual connections are present to help get a foot in the door of desired, prospective relationships by searching the map of network trees. Find out not just who is looking at your tree, but WHY? What event, group, or individual is separating you from the rest and worth your future investment? Interested? Sign up below!


Event Creators: Eventually every marketing strategy supersaturates a market space, whether by you or your competitors. Find new markets by leveraging the ones your event created bridges between. With so many business and social platforms out there, most conventions build their own apps to connect their members and attendees. Cyphtr offers an alternative.  We have measured people's chemistry through their preferred platforms into one space with data-imaging. Know where connections were made, how strong those relationships are currently, how fast they grew, what industries or verticals they're in, what other events are of interest to them, and how influential certain individuals are or have the potential to be. Hunting down demographics can put you in a box. Create a dynamic space filled with people that not only want to pay to be at your event, but will help you market and grow the next one without even asking them to. With Cyphtr, you’ll spend your budget wisely by being able to prove what worked or not at your event. This also gives way to the opportunity to host a more quality event and be able to charge appropriately for it.

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