Magic Bank. Corporate Gifts: a dream, not a nightmare.

Have you ever had to buy corporate gifts? In film we call them wrap gifts. Let me paint you a horror story. 

Boss: "The budget is $70-$100 per gift. I want something local that they'll actually use, unisex, embroidered, and something they don't already have."

This turns into hunting down local stores to check if they can handle an order of 300, a local place to embroider all 300, and then wrapping all 300 gifts. Usually you have to hide in some abandoned office, so no one can find you and peak at the gifts. You spend the next week, unboxing, rewrapping, and keeping people out. 

Until I met these badass former assistants: Kristen and Nic - best friends and business partners. In their words:

"We met as Executive Assistants in New York City, where our jobs were to plan Board Meetings that weren't boring, Company Retreats meant to inspire, Client Gifts that needed to impress, and Incentive Packages made to motivate.  Every time we found a vendor who offered a truly unique Corporate Gift, we stored it away in our proprietary database, Magic Bank. Over the years, we have built relationships with hundreds of vendors for the perfect Gift at any quantity or budget. We offer white glove service from concept to execution. We order everything on your behalf, assemble, and send or deliver directly to your event - for free. We look forward to bringing our Magic to you."

For free? Yes, you read that right, and they can even do one-offs. Their relationships with these vendors makes everything hella cheap (yes I just said hella, and I'm not deleting it), and they do all the dirty work for you. That local store hunt? Done. That embroidery hunt? Done. Wrapping gifts in a windowless hideout? Those days are over.

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Well, corporate's money at least. 

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