Marketing ploy or valuable content: Webinars, Online courses, and Masterclasses, oh my!

So if you've searched the web trying to figure out ways to work from home, you've probably had this question pop in your mind. 

"How much can I actually gain from paying for an online course to work from home?"

I learned everything I know within a week, for free, and on my couch during my baby's nap time. I'm a self starter, a doer, and a quick learner that is extremely savvy at figuring out solutions to problems I know nothing about. That's confidence talking though. If you can't say that about yourself now, you will soon enough if you become an assistant. This mindset is essential, but is definitely not the most common thought process, especially in the beginning. For example, I'm also a karaoke junkie and absolutely LOVE singing on stage with my friends to large audiences (the bigger the better). If none of these things are speaking your lingo, I hear you. 

Have you met Abbey Ashley? She's a virtual assistant goddess. I love everything about her. She has a great message, an extremely supportive community, and tons of free advice all over her website and facebook group. If you click on the link that says "Free Training" you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. She offers a webinar that walks you through how to start your virtual assistant business, how to hone your skills, and tips and tricks on how to find great paying jobs (even if you've just started and have no experience). 

My favorite piece of advice from her webinar is that the hardest part about becoming an assistant is actually telling people about it. If you have a business and no one knows it exists, then how can anyone recommend you? Your friends, family, and co-workers are your biggest advocates and want you to succeed. So announce it to the world! Once this step is out of the way, you can actually get started.

"What if I fail though?"

Well then my friend, you are exactly where you are now! A few hours of your life was wasted on YOU trying to educate yourself. I bet you've done much worse with your time. I know I've spent a shameless amount of time binge watching, facebooking, and the like. 

So my question to you is "What if you're successful?"

That spark alone is what drives me everyday to continue to learn more. If I'm talking to someone, and they are talking about an industry or platform that I know nothing about- I'll google it on the sly. I'll even pretend that I need to go to the bathroom or "take an important call" if I need a minute or two to quickly digest a long couple of articles. Never be hard on yourself for not knowing something you haven't been taught yet. Be hard on yourself for not recognizing an opportunity to learn more and grow. 

Sure I'm just faking it till I make it, but eventually you do make it. There's no more faking, and you just become an expert once you've been able to put all of your education into practice. All you need is the drive. 

The car door is open.

Are you getting in?


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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash