Facebook and Instagram Algorithm Updates for Fall 2018

Facebook’s recent announcement for their upcoming changes are going to be very similar to the changes we've seen on Instagram this past year. If you weren't aware of Instagram's changes and are still using 30 hashtags in the comments, you need to catch up ASAP. Email me at AliJones@cyphtr.com, and I'd be happy to share what I learned from the COO of Instagram herself. Facebook is changing the way newsfeeds will be seen. Not only will there be a business newsfeed to fight the ever-growing rush to Linkedin, but also other features to help weed out non-targeted content.

Basically, the algorithm is going to mimic Instagram with terms deeming “organic” content.

LESS THAN 2% OF PEOPLE ALREADY FOLLOWING YOUR BUSINESS PAGE will only see your posts if you follow all the guideline’s of creating what they consider to be “organic”. If not, then your posts won't be added into their daily feed at all unless there is a strong past relevance relationship ratio of commenting with a specific person.


Boosting posts is officially going to hurt both your wallet and organic content promotion. Never boost a post ever again starting now. The “reach” may be large, but the overall conversion rate for any call to action will be non-existent and will hurt your relevance rating for your regular posts in the future. 

Facebook Ads however are showing more and more conversion rates and dropped 13% in CPC recently. Save the money you were using for boosting posts, and make an ad campaign. Don't know how? Here's our favorite YouTube tutorial that we've trained our past virtual assistants with in less than an hour with no previous knowledge or experience.


The WOW, LOVE, SAD, etc. buttons hold more relevance weight compared to regular old likes. Also, if someone shares your post via messenger to someone else, you get even promoted further.

If there’s no emotion option clicked, or if someone clicks the “hide” option for your future content, you’ll be punished from promotion for future posts to others similar to them due to this working again your relevancy. Battle this by always replying to every comment to help your reach and relevance ratio just like we've seen in the past on Instagram.


Also, companies sending Sponsored Posts via messenger makes Facebook want to promote you more as well; this is similar to Instagram in the sense that they want to promote accounts using all of their features.

After every post, the Newsfeed Targeting tool (right below your post)  must be used to help relevance and reach regarding the new feature use initiative.



The first three seconds is the most vital for “thumb stopping” content and videos with highest completion rate to determine relevance. Videos are usually played without sound, so caption should be considered mandatory.

Content should not only be short and sweet but also have brightly colored backgrounds and evoke emotion.

Why is all this happening???

Remember that privacy dispute battle Facebook got slapped with?

Facebook surveyed their users to see what would keep them loyal to the platform, and the response was that users wanted to see more content regarding their friends and family or meaningful stories that inspired emotions and less ads unless they were relevant to their interests.

Cue the new relevance regulations and targeting features.


Can't make videos? Have you considered stop-motion videos with images from your existing marketing campaigns? Even just motion filters like boomerang count! Too advanced for you? Do it from your phone with a handful of clicks. Here's 10 amazing apps you should be using anyway to cut your marketing creation costs. Facebook recommends starting here if you're struggling or looking for new ways to make content they deem creative and them-stopping.

If not a video, any content using trending keywords will be promoted over others and considered "more organic".

Lastly people are most likely to share if it makes them look good or if you’re offering something of value for free that they feel compared to share or find out more about.

So what’s organic to facebook?

*No call to action words AT ALL (Are you screaming, "WHAT- This goes against everything?!" I know, I know). Do not use words like: share, click, like, follow, buy, purchase, sale, and anything else that could be considered a call to action.

*no links (encourage them to click the button on the business page to get to your site without using call to action rhetoric... #facepalm #groan #impossible) This is where ad campaigns will help you battle this.

*no third party posting sites (i.g. Hootsuite- again this is similar to Instagram). All posts must be made directly from fb’s platform.

*must be using trending key words only, strong emotional content, or free and valuable information to a specific, targeted audience



Facebook owns Instagram, so it makes sense that they tested out the new algorithm first to confirm their theories before rolling it out to their larger platform.

What can you do? Well my friend, you need to be posting less than everyday and researching trends and your ever-revolving targeted audience.


Cyphtr's advice:

Do you have a community of clients, employees, or your loyal followers? If so, you should house them in a Facebook group. Why not have a place for the people you know are dying to learn about your sales, promotions, and updates to battle all this nonsense? It's also a great place for collaboration inspiration both sponsored and free!

You're welcome. ;)

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